These projects, broadcast on my Twitch channel, comprise my highly weird streaming practice.

Games I Made:

Transcribblers: The Game!

Transcribblers: The Game! is the gamification of my actual IRL small business, broadcast several times a week on as I complete my client work. It is the first “publicly managed”, gamified small business.

Set up as a mix between a digital co-working space, mechanical keyboard ASMR, and experimental gaming, viewers watch as I race myself to complete as much work as possible in 25 minute periods, following the Pomodoro technique. Co-workers, “managers”, and trolls join me from all over the world, and their constant attention helps keep me from getting lost on internet (or artistic) procrastination.

Transcribblers: The Game! is just the latest in a series of works around the business entity, itself a work, along with the over 5,000 documents and 35 million words transcribed, that exist as sort of readymade art output from the project.

The Mueller Report Speedrun

The Mueller Report Speedrun (solo) was first imagined as an awareness-raising protest, and personal endurance trial to ingest the entire controversial report in advance of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s testimony before Congress. But after that was postponed, it also became about advocating an Amazon Prime Day boycott (happening the day following the stream; Twitch is owned by Amazon) in solidarity with striking factory workers, and to protest Amazon’s contracts with Palantir over their work with ICE, which was reportedly holding raids in nearby South Brooklyn that weekend.

The stream lasted about 17.5-hours, with a clocked read-time of 15 hours, 28 minutes, and 30 seconds. Presumably, this is the world record for this “game.”

Click here to download the LiveSplit file, and race my time.

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