(open-source religion, est. 2010)

The KRNL is a syncretic, distilled system of belief, containing in its name the entirety of the sacred texts: Knowledge, Respect, Novelty, and Love.  While all religions are in some sense open source, the KRNL is designed to be simple to install and fully extensible by end-users. It is fully compatible with most available human operating systems — er, ethics and religions.

From the starting point of the four core virtues, hidden complexities and ever-deepening nuances reveal themselves upon reflection and recombination. The official KRNL_v 1.0 (below) is currently being developed into a robust value system, to be coded and disseminated in a variety of media. Eventually, formal ports of the KRNL to compatible world religions and belief systems will be researched and codified to further interfaith dialogue and communion. (The Book of Twitter)