David Jenkins

David climbing in Toroko Gorge, Hualian, Taiwan (2016)









(theater-maker; conceptual artist; fiction writer; entrepreneur)

Trained in Drama and Chinese, I’ve worked primarily in theater since moving to NYC in 2007, before expanding into other and weirder media, including web and performance art. I serve as the Community Manager for and variously create with AMIOS, a theater cooperative, and write/perform/web-admin for Broken Box Mime Theater, an award-winning physical theater troupe based in New York.

I’m also founder of The KRNL, a simple open-source religion, and the sole proprietor of Transcribblers, a boutique audio-and-video transcription firm specializing in low-cost, high-quality transcription for a variety of production, research, and art institutions.

D. W. Jenkins

Photo by Bjorn Bolinder //

Find the Light Photography (2017)







(performer; stooge; meat popsicle)


After a decade of gestating in the industry, the D.W.J. was born as a fully autonomous, semi-sentient human male construct designed for performance environments. Powered and piloted by the artist, the D.W.J. is programmed to carry out tasks typically performed by actors and models, without any of the confusion of personhood.

At the end of the day this is just my bizarre way of feeling comfortable and having fun “selling myself,” while maintaining the professional and dissociative distance I need to retain my identity and emotional wellbeing working in the entertainment industry.


(web avatar)


Born in 1995 in the primordial swamps of AOL, “grillcover” has proliferated through various website accounts, video game handles, and other digital media to the point where his identity has become a distinct and recognizable part of my extended body & mind.

As I seek to create a more notable presence online as a web content creator, I have taken the anonymous reins off the old boy and intend to let him flourish as the snarky weirdo he is.