(theater & arts cooperative, est. 2009)

AMIOS (an acronym for, “art and music in our souls“) was founded in 2009 in NYC by alums of the National Theater Conservatory. The core programming since the beginning has been the SHOTZ! short-play festival, which commissions six original shorts every month.

SHOTZ! has since grown into a huge network of theater artists, and a full-length development pipeline with the creation of the First Draughts reading series — and starting in February 2018 — fully mounted plays that began as SHOTZ! shorts.

I have worked with AMIOS since 2011 as an actor, director, writer, producer, and web administrator before joining the staff as Community Manager in 2016.  All told I have contributed 50+ times to SHOTZ! events in some capacity, and been a regular fixture in attendance at shows where I haven’t contributed.

As Community Manager, I have been working to catalog and manage the vast network of artists in the AMIOS orbit, as well as archive the huge volume of creative work the community has generated over the years.